Fly the Flag!
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Joe Biden occupies the White House, Nancy Pelosi sits as the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, and Chuck Schumer is the Majority Leader of the US Senate.  And groups like billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety or former Congresswoman Gabby Gifford’s Gun Owners for Safety are feeling empowered to pursue what amounts to the gutting of our Second Amendment rights.

Before he was even sworn into office, it was reported on the Fox News Channel that Joe Biden is considering trying to use authority granted under the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934 to classify any semi-automatic rifle and any rifle magazine that holds more than 10 rounds as NFA items.  If successful, that would mean a $200 tax would apply to each of those items. It would also mean that several pages of paperwork would have to be completed for each item in order to apply for that tax stamp, thereby “registering” those items with the federal government as NFA weapons. Fail to do so, and boom, overnight, you’re a felon.  Let that sink in…if Joe Biden gets his way and you have an AR-15 and ten 30-round magazines, which you have lawfully possessed for years, if you don’t complete mountains of paperwork and cough up $2,200 to the BATFE, you risk massive fines, years in federal prison and the loss of your “privilege” to ever possess a firearm again.

Now, I’m not quite ready to “storm the Bastille.”  I’m not even prepared to go out and actively lobby against this nonsense.  I’ll leave that to the fine organizations with the infrastructure to do so, like the Second Amendment Foundation, the NRA-ILA, Gun Owners of America, and Concerned Citizens for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (all of which folks like us should support - links below).

What I am prepared to do is “Fly the Flag!”  And I hope you are, too.  Whether that means sticking something on your car, hanging something on your wall, or pulling something on over your head and proudly wearing it in public, I want ways of saying to the 2A haters and the gun grabbers, “We know what you want to do.  We are serious about defeating you. And…WE…ARE…MANY.”

So please, join the cause and consider grabbing some stuff for yourselves or the gun guys & gun gals in your life, so that Second Amendment lovers, shooting enthusiasts, and home & loved one defenders know just who and where the GOOD GUYS are!

CJohn Stanchina,

Founder & Chief Executive,

Our nightmare scenario...

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